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Special Unit Attacks are offensive engagements which are different from Standard Attacks. SUAs utilize unique weaponry or another tactic in order to reduce vulnerability to counter-defense. This advantage comes at the cost of not being as offensively deadly. Yet throughout history, SUAs had deadly results when tactically combined with joint maneuvers and other unit compositions.

Special Unit Defense is a retaliation which some units can do against Special Unit Attacks. An SUD is simply a retaliatory SUA. It's an "equal and opposite reaction." The requirement for Special Unit Defense is the same as for Special Unit Attack and standard Attack: all three actions require a unit to have moves left.

Special Unit Attack and Defense charts[]

Earlier MP2[]

In MP2A and MP2B, only two units can do SUA:

  • Archers get 1 combat round
  • Fanatics get 3 combat rounds.