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A Mexican Standoff is when both players request "NO RTS." But whoever goes first would gain a crippling advantage over the other player, and would decide the game's outcome. This exceedingly rare event is nevertheless theoretically possible. For game integrity, FCW has rules to handle it.

Warnings and Admonitions[]

👉🏽 No Gamemaster wants to mediate a Mexican Standoff. They will likely be highly displeased. If the methods below for players to resolve it themselves are not properly followed, beware the wrath of a grouchy Gamemaster! Do not confuse your emotional drama dislike of your opponent for a Mexican Standoff, and do not fail to negotiate an (a), (b), or (c) remedy below. OR ELSE!

  • Players should use the Mexican Standoff rule:
    1. infrequently or never

👉🏽 A momentous earth-shaking battle that gives an advantage for who goes first, is NOT a Mexican Standoff. A Mexican Standoff is when whoever goes first will win the entire WAR.

  • Absolute victory and absolute defeat are literally flip-flopped by who goes first!

Player Remedies for Mexican Standoff[]

  • Players must negotiate to either (a) do micro-turns, or (b) come to their own agreement, or (c) confirm an agreement to RTS it. If the players fail to agree on a, b, or c, then one or both of the players will be found at fault.
  • In such case where players do not agree to a, b, or c:
    • Players must freeze the action, and report to the GM of their unsporting failure, and await a (likely punitive) GM decision.
    • Since a,b,c are all entirely reasonable, there is great risk the GM will decide unfavorably vs. the unreasonable party.
    • NO PLAYER may take unilateral advantage during a Mexican Standoff. If an agreement (a),(b),(c), is not reached:
      • ...then no player may move in that theatre, including other players. CONFIRM and COMMUNICATE!
    • A player's unilateral violation of the above allows the other player to seek swift and severe compensatory justice from a grouchy GM who is not only thinking of how annoying is this case, but wants to make an example out of it for others to learn and fear.