Freeciv-Web Wiki

Freeciv-Web is a complete game application. Though it runs in a browser, it's an app, not a webpage.

As a full-featured app, FCW needs more control over keys and mouse actions than webpages do.

By default, Firefox assumes you only visit webpages. It hijacks your ability to use ctrl-shift and alt-shift -clicking, and "steals" these keys to use for its own webpage navigation shortcuts. Unfortunately, this handicaps full-feature apps.

👉🏽 There are two settings you can change to restore compatible compliance for browser applications.

Optimizing Firefox for Freeciv-Web[]

Step 1.[]

Enter about:config into the url address bar.

You will see a warning message. Don't worry, you can undo any changes (see bottom.) Click past the warning to see the advanced settings.

Step 2.[]

Scroll down alphabetically to find dom.event.contextmenu.shift_suppresses_event

  • double click its value to set it to false
  • this prevents Firefox from hijacking ctrl-shift events.

Step 3.[]

Scroll down alphabetically to find dom.event.treat_ctrl_click_as_right_click.disabled

  • double click its value to set it to true
  • this prevents Firefox from "conveniently" interpreting ctrl-click as a right click event.

Features enabled by these changes[]

FCW can still be played without these settings changes. However, you won't be able to use two features:

  • The ability to CTRL-SHIFT-click the map, to change which tiles a city is working. (If you make the setting change, you can shift-W to see a city's tiles from the main map, and CTRL-SHIFT-click them to change them.) If you don't change Firefox settings, you can only adjust which tiles a city works by clicking inside the city.
  • The ability to use ALT-SHIFT for instant HELP-clicking. By default, the game allows you to meta-click anything to get instant help on it. Meta-click is the term for Windows-key+click on Windows computers, or ⌘-click on Mac. If you are a LINUX user whose desktop environment doesn't support Meta-click, or you simply can't meta-click inside the browser, then you must change the above 2 Firefox settings if you want to use alt-shift-click as an alternate way to meta-click for instant help-clicks. Next, inside the FCW game, go to the PREFS tab and enable ✅ALT-SHIFT-Click = Help Click.
    • Help-clicking is a very nice feature that lets you instantly look up things inside the game's encyclopedia.
    • 👉🏽 See #linux-users on our Discord for other workarounds that let you use Meta-click on LINUX.

How to undo the settings[]

Do step 2 but set it to true. Do step 3 but set it to false.