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This chart helps show user-interface feature comparisons between Freeciv clients. This can help users choose their preferred clients, and hopefully motivate client developers to integrate missing features from other clients.

Superior, fully implemented feature; one click or keypress; superior visual display.
Implemented: Some features missing; may require many clicks, presses, or menu operations.
Present but inferior; minimal implementation, many features missing; difficult to see or use well.
Absent. Not implemented.

List of Freeciv Client Features, Compatibility, Functionality

Feature GTK SDL QT FCW notes
Stable Version / Features / Compatibility 2.6x 2.6 2.6x 3.09 Binaries of GTK, SDL QT clients not available for all versions. 3.0 pre-stable/release versions available for some.
NeverProtect/NeverBlock compatibility Fixes (un)reachability bugs/exploits/inadequacies
Fixed Airlift capacity flaw, compatibility Airlift capacity can take values between 1 and ∞
Combat rounds compatibility Can implement combat_rounds and properly report results and update display
Can access multiplayer web games
  • see note 1
Can access non-web remote servers
Overall elegance/simplicity of UI ✗+ ✗- Number of clicks/presses needed for interaction. Ease of learning
Translation to languages other than English Native: not all translations are 100% complete / Web: on independent domains only, only Chinese translations
Map links in chat/messages ? ✓+ Focus links to cities, units, and tiles on the map in chat/messages. ★=one-click and additional features ✓=link provided
External-to-internal links Paste in-game reference links outside the game (tiles, units, cities, etc.)
Extended/improved graphics included for most popular tileset Amplio2 graphics upgraded with new release by professional artists
Extended/improved sound effects included
Speech for incoming messages
Graphically enriched reporting text
Performance, speed
Crash frequency / bugs / glitches ✗+ ✗+ Frequency of crash/glitch situations in a loose MBTF / severity of known specific triggers. Crash-and-exit-without-save incidents = ✗+ crash without save-and-exit. Note: Crashes may vary depending on OS. Do not assume your OS will have same issues.
City Features
Highlight cities that have a building ★=advanced functionality to select cities with X and not Y, etc.
Select cities that have a building
Mass-buy buy in multiple cities at once
Mass-change change production in multiple cities at once
Real-time display of improvements in City List see all buildings present/absent/unavailable right from the city list
Secondary sort
Next/Prev. City hotkey ✓+ Peruse cities with single keystroke
City sub-tab hotkeys Ability to switch main/production sub-tab, etc.
City Governor ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ★=advanced macros and features: copy/paste, set once, set all, re-arrange, store, etc.
City tile output on map ✓+ ✓+ ★=hotkey + able to display values higher than 9
One-click macro: cycle all Specialists Change all specialists of one type with one click
Specialist control pane Ability to specify specialist type without cycling
Production Choice Filtering ★=one-click filter production choices for unreachable targets, units only, improvements only
One-key Exits Ease of exiting dialog/window/ tab ★=always works from everywhere
City outlines on map -
City colors on main map Accessible through a keyboard shortcut
City buy shortcut One click/keystroke to buy in city from main mapview
Cities List Display Empire list of all cities and ability to trigger actions from this list.
City List: Current→Future State (Happy) City list displays past/current/future state together: celebration at former TC AND upcoming TC
City View: Current→Future State (Happy) City view displays past/current/future state together: celebration at former TC AND upcoming TC
City List column-sort
Production images in city list Allows quick viewing of empire production
City label options ✓+ Customize city labels on map: stats/info/remove/etc.
Gold per shield costs Can see g/s costs from city list with ability to sort and do mass-automatic purchases
Trade routes show on map ✓- ✓+ stats ★=selection filters (city, nation, foreign, revenue, etc.
Airlift counters on map ★=one-key, source/dest info together
Airlift counter in cities
Interior Improvements View ✗- ✗- ✓+ Immediate visibility and checking of improvements
Interior Units View ✗-
City Happiness Causes ✓+
City Selection Filters ☆=uses Super Panel functionality instead
Paste composite Worklists () (✓)=effectuated through Empire tab
Economy tab ✓+ Detailed view of city expenses in Economy or Empire tab
Detailed surplus info ✓+ ?
National Production Easily view/edit national production worklists across all cities
National Buildings Easily view which cities have which buildings across whole nation
Building Upkeep ✓- Easily view building upkeep across all cities
City defense/deployment Quickly view defensibility of all cities in one view
Support for tunable build slots conditions and rules Allowing multiple units per turn to be built
Properly fixed cheat exploits in city disorder and starvation mechanics ✓+ see design log
Support for upkeep relief from wonders and buildings on a city-specific resolution scale
Mouse can move/drag the map Standard intuitive use of mouse to move the map around. ✗=multi-press keyboard substitute
Zoom Level ★-one key
Map grid ✓+ ✓+ ✓+
Mini-map functionality See, click, drag, resize, or close mini-map to get more screen space.
Incoming/outgoing messages from mapview ✗- ✓+ ✓+ Ease of receiving/viewing/seeing/hearing just-in-time alerts/messages.
Rich border drawing features Accurate national color, multiple national colors, flags, animated movement, etc.
Unit Panel Functionality from map view Select/de-select/view info on selected units
Rewind Focus to last position ✓- Return map view to last focus location
Can quickly see/change taxes from map ✓+
Pollution highlighting so as to never miss it, especially in city centre
Orders buttons for Units ✓- Quick, easily discerned orders buttons for units: (1) ALL orders available; (2) Colour contrast+Icon differentiation compliant with modern UX standards
Rich goto lines ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ See where units end turns for multi-turn GOTO
Goto waypoints ? ? ?
Supports all map topologies ✓+ ✓+ Client can support WRAPY torus worlds and hexagonal tiles
Show tile outputs >9 ✓+ e.g., gold + super highways, wine/river/colossus+s.h., etc.
Tilesets ☆=enhanced default only; others require recompilation ★=supports non-default; lacks enhanced default (requires installation)
National territory view Map mode to show national territories with filled-in territorial colors.★=one-click/hotkey
Map compass ✓+
Balance Alignment of Resource Distribution (BARD) for fair resource distribution
Support for Special Unit Attacks ✓+ Alternative types of engagement with special tactical features
Support for Special Unit Defense ✓+
Fine balance on rounds, moves spent, bonuses, attack while fortified, etc., for bombard and combat
Support for granular fine tuning of combat strength, bonuses, and mechanics ✓- ✓- ✓-
Ability to capture commercial cargo back to the home city of the unit capturing
Support for iPillage ✓- ✓- ✓- ★=can optionally select pillage type, accessible info on the action
Support for industrial commerce units ✓+
Active and Passive Move Rates ✓+ Actively vs passively using transport infra, for balance/realism/tactics
Max. Attacks per turn balance dynamics ✓+
Vigil, user-controlled/specified autoattack conditions
Visible cargo in the proper contexts e.g., wagons and trawlers towing damaged ships
Deep Dive for submarines
Effects, mechanics, and features to balance and enrich formerly inferior naval combat system ✓+
Enhanced nuclear effects, nuclear iPillage ✓+
Nuke resistant units and bases ✓+
Diplomatic odds reporting transparency
Unit move point bar Optional move point bar display for units
One-click unit deselect De-select individual units from a group, with one click
Multiple Unit Selection and Orders ✓+ Overall ability and ease of selecting multiple units and giving simultaneous commands to them
One-Click select all units on tile
One-Click add units to selection
Rewind Focus go back to last focused unit
Smart Loading ability to select which transport a unit loads onto, scoop cargo with transports, selectively transfer cargo, etc.
Smart Quiet intelligent demotion of fortify/sentry/no orders to instantly quiet units with the best available option
Variable disbanding conditions ✓+ Loss of units from home city conquest is variable and strategic
Lost units report their city location
Killed unit stacks give rich reporting
Fine tuning on stack kill and stack escape mechanics, bonuses, behaviors, features ✓+
Cargo Transfer transfer cargo unit from one transport to another on same tile
Support food bonuses on wild animals
Issuing orders to multiple units/stacks ?
Mass parallel unit movement multiple selected units can be given command to simultaneously move in parallel cursor direction together
Support for hideouts
Selecting/de-selectings units in unit panel
Focus-lock on active unit
Select all of same type functionality
Select all of different type functionality
Select all on same continent/sea
Unit cargo status ✓- ✓- Graphic display of units clearly shows cargo status and quick click/hover info access on transporter unit
Accurate unit stat infobars ✗- ✗- ✗- Colors and percentages in unit infobars accurately depict remaining hitpoints and movepoints
Advanced Unit Selection Filters e.g., select only Sentry units, units with full moves, units of type or not-type, etc.
Hover unit upgrade costs ✓+ can quickly see unit upgrade cost helptext
Delayed GOTO ✓+ ✓-
Units Tabs ✓+ Views on units, upkeep, geographic deployment, etc.
Meetings Initiating meetings, responding to meetings, seeing incoming offers
Extended Peace, Trade, Embassy functionality Compatibility with extended diplomacy options re: contactturns/embassy/cease-fire/tech/gold trade.
Intel: basic info ? Gold, taxes, capital, ...
Intel: diplomatic status ? For foreign nations
Intel: shares vision with ? ★=also sortable from Nations list
Intel: wonders Full realization of functional spec: reporting all wonder intel the server gives to the client.
Intel: techs ? ✓+ Techs that you don't know, techs that they don't know ★=also shows techs you have that they don't have
Smarter balanced diplomacy ✓+ Fixes on exploits/impossibilities/imbalances in diplomatic mechanics and systems
Renew pacts before expiration
Excuse casus belli
More and enhanced casus belli triggers and dynamics
Configurable ceasefire and armistice length
Diplomatic Relations Map ✓+
Nations List
Pact/contact state ✓- ? ✓- Full info on pacts and contact ability at a glance
Shared vision info ✓+
Jump to Nation on Map
Quick Message from Nations List
Cease-fire expiration status
Casus belli status, two-way
Blueprint mechanics to regulate tech proliferation epidemics ✓+
Overall scrollable/readable ✓+ Quickly see requirements, possessed techs, drag or one-click scrolling of screen
Setting Current Goal
Setting Future Goal
Visibility/accessibility of requirements ✗-- ✓+ Ease to view requirements tree, "unlocked" buildings/wonders/units info; bulbs required, help, etc.
In-game help ?

✓ available ✓+ superior ★=hover, 1-click, or similar

Terrain help ? ✓+ ✓-
Improvements & wonders help ? ✓+
Units help ? ✓+ In-game manual, hovertext, other resources
User Interface, Misc
Game Status Panel ✓+ Universal view/access of key national stats
Number of clicks or presses for frequently performed tasks. ✗-- ✗- ✓+
Hotkeys ✓+ ✓+
Extended mouse functionality
Ctrl-click-through Ability to click units in cities as if city isn't there
Dark Mode
Climate Reports
Tax rate adjustment ★=lockable sliders, numeric display of tax rate, high resolution 5% increments
Superior tax rate rounding ★=intuitive proportions of taxes instead of wild errors from hamilton rounding
Superior corruption rounding mathematics and tunable effects ✓+
Support for partisan-spawning to support multiple unit types instead of partisans only
Variable rapture rates
Variable building razing odds tied to strategic decisions and circumstances ✓+
Orders context menus ★=configurable, show all legal orders
Alternate cursor/numpad input ✗- ✗- cursor support for keyboards without numpad or diagonal arrows
Supports alternates for middle-click
Map Zoom Level quickly alter map zoom level
Extended demographics proper reporting on production levels, more data rows, etc.
Auto-attack ★=append attack or diplomatic order to end of movement order
Join city accesses Governor instead of making an entertainer
Map Editor
Delayed Go To / Actions
Connect with... Connect roads or irrigation along a GOTO path, skipping illegal tiles, allowing user path selection, intelligently selecting from irrigation, farmland, cultivation; irrigating after cultivating; intelligently selecting multiple road-types based on legality and move-speed, and displaying GOTO lines with color-coding for activity type. Ability to select Canals as connect-type with intelligent selection between multiple legal canal types.
Trade Planning
Rally point ★=append action to arrival, set temporary/constant, one-click removal in city dialog
Quick Airlift ✗=can give airlift to multiple units at once
Mobile Devices ✗-
Warcalc Functionality Direct server query for odds and application of bonuses based on exact ruleset coding applied by the server.
Note 1 Developmental desktop access to web games has been experimentally achieved (August 2019); currently there is no open source repo with both client and server intercompatibility available. Currently this functionality is not integrated into main branches for FCW server nor main branches/main download links for clients. Follow-up: When above criteria are met, rate each according to the Legend for ease of setup, where ★=one-click instant, ✗=doable but difficult, etc.

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